Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rise of the Kaiju

Manila, Philippines - As tropical storm, Maring (international name: Trami), exits the Philippine area of responsibility, we can not turn a blind eye at the massive destruction it has left at its wake. Metro Manila, and many other provinces in Luzon, experienced torrential rains and heavy flooding coupled by wind gusts peaking at 130 kph. Thousands of properties have been damaged, not to mention, hundreds of families have been displaced from their homes due to said typhoon.

In the midst of the chaos brought about by Maring, another dark force emerges from the toxic depths of Manila-Taft's flood waters.

Due to the turmoil caused by Maring, authorities were not immediately alerted by this phenomenal creature. Eye witnesses have mentioned it to be of notable size, with a rubbery, scaly exterior and moves in an upright posture. Little is known about this Kaiju (Japanese term for "monster"). At present, the leading minds of the country are baffled by the existence of this undetermined creature. No statement has been released as to the nature or potential behavior of this Kaiju.

We caution the public to be on guard. It is not recommended to tease or interact with said creature until further information has been gathered. We also encourage witnesses to alert your local authorities on sightings and observations regarding this Kaiju.

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